MAXIMIZER CRM (Customer Relationship Management)


We don’t just provide CRM solutions – we provide companies with a competitive advantage.
Since 1987, more than 1 million users – and over 120,000 companies, including Hallmark, Raymond James and National Bank – have trusted us to help them boost their corporate bottom line.
Today, Maximizer is a global company with offices in five countries.
Our experience as a CRM pioneer has taught us that growth is by its very nature challenging. Success requires a holistic approach, including a united vision, shared energy and the right tools. We know that businesses hunger for a vendor that has got their back and that supports them every step of setup, customization and user training.
With top-rated tools for contact management, lead management and customer service, Maximizer CRM gives businesses everything they need to grow – all in one place.
We’re constantly innovating to help our customers succeed. And time and time again, they tell us that our exceptional customer care sets us apart. That feedback keeps us focused on making planning, selling and management ever easier – to ensure our customers get results.




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