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Intech Corporation


Intech Corp is a Certified Maximizer CRM Live Solution Provider located in sunny southwest Florida, USA. Intech Corp is a specialized consulting firm. Our number one specialty is Maximizer CRM Live consulting, sales, service, customization and support. Our primary industries are Manufacturing, Manufacturer Reps, Finance and Service.  We have over 30 years of computer consulting experience. In the early years Intech Corp did ERP Implementation Consulting for large manufacturing companies and in doing so needed to find complementary contact management software. That is when we discovered Maximizer, the number one customizable and integrable CRM in the industry in 1992.  Maximizer CRM offers rapid customizability and implementation ability and Intech Corp offers the knowledge to get your implementation completed at an affordable price.  We also offer cloud services that integrate with and complement Maximizer CRM Live.  

  • Maximizer and Intech Corp both helping businesses for over 30 years. To be the best you should work with the best. Call today.
  • Maximizer CRM Global Implementation of the Year Award Winner!

The industry for this was manufacturing reps/manufacturing


Intech Corp Other services:

  • Office 365 certified – Microsoft Partner
  • Security Certified
  • Computer and Network Management Consulting 
  • Remote Management Services
  • Maximizer CRM On Premise is also available

Maximizer is the all-inclusive CRM solution that keeps you focused, increases profits, and builds relationships.
And the best part of all, everything is included for one simple price.


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